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TESH SOLO grew up going through the typical process of ups and downs of the musical business. Having been provided with a brilliant voice right from the start, he took his first musical steps singing in a children's choir and, after his voice broke, consequently started to act as the principal singer in several funk- and soul bands.

Good news travels fast as they say; therefore it was just a matter of time before he could add to his curriculum vitae his first major deal fronting a band called FUTUROLOGEN.

Always having been open to any musical style he also dipped into the world of Independent Music and rightly so, as this "trip" was followed by another major release with Hip-Hop Band MOMANG! with TESH on lead vocals.

Using his various musical talents, he didn't let the grass grow under his feet but started his own studio- and production business along with his partners, becoming one of the most sought-after producers for other original artists.

Having been successful in all those fields, TESH SOLO felt that it was about time to live up to his name by presenting his very first solo album entitled "ON MY WAY".

This excellent piece of musical work consists of twelve well-chosen original songs combining his remarkable voice and his amazing composition skills, showing an adaption of various musical styles, reflected by his very own way of composing - rarely to be found.

His music shows a thoughtful individual being torn between the longing for romantic togetherness and the aspiration to freedom and independence.

Apart from that, he delivers a mix of appealing pop, rock and folksongs, inviting us to a road trip in a cabriolet on a hot summer day as well as to romantic nights by the fireside...

TESH SOLOs magic voice goes straight to the heart, effortlessly turning the variety of stylistic devices into one well-rounded overall image.